A Technological Revolution that is Driving the Industry

Production Systems fot Maintaining Highly Accurate Products

We are able to meet increasingly diversied demands, while at the same time reducing costs, and meeting deadlines that are becoming increasingly shorter.

Meeting Needs with a Fusion of Software and Hardware

We have newly installed cutting-edge machinery, and we employ skilled employees to operate them. Our employees meet expectations while at the same time maintaining their potential.

Die casting is used for a variety of purposes, such as peripheral vehicle engine parts, motor parts, and aluminum wheels. As die casting grows more in diversity, requirements made of die casting die molds have also become more demanding. In order to meet the needs of the next generation, which are expected to be even tougher, we built a new factory in 2006 with a new company name, Toshihara Technos, and we will strive to succeed in even more challenging undertakings. We have introduced cutting-edge machines into our production process in order to automate systems, and in order to save power. This has allowed us to cope with complicated, three-dimensional shapes that have in the past proved difficult to cast with the use of die casting molds. We are proud of this technology, which enables us to occupy the ranks of one of the top five companies in Japan in this field. This technology has also been made possible by our highly-skilled engineers who operate these machines, and by the accuracy of our CAD and CAM designs. In order to prepare for the next generation of die casting molds, we will strive to raise even further the potential of each individual member of our company.

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