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"A Company made up of People"

In order for companies to acquire trustworthiness, they must have a spirit that has been inherited, they must benefit from a constantly improving working environment, and they must regard their human resources as their major asset. In the die casting mold industry, even the smallest of imperfections will simply not be tolerated. Therefore, in order to meet demands of our valued customers as a company, not only are cutting-edge machinery and technology necessary, but also what is becoming the most important element of all, the human resources who operate the machines. In addition to these requirements, demands are also being made for us to perform a social mission, that of combining technical innovation and outstanding human resources with concern for the environment. As a result of globalization, the field of die casting molds has become increasingly diversified, and the demands of the industry will continue to expand in the future. Therefore, as a member of Toshihara Technos, I am determined to continue efforts towards contributing to Japanese industry through an automotive society.


代表取締役 伊藤 彰

Company Profile


Main Office
2425-18 Kamihigashinokawa, Kugata-Cho, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, 492-8038
TEL +81-587-32-1110 (Main) FAX +81-587-32-7107

2425-18 Kamihigashinokawa, Kugata-Cho, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, 492-8038
TEL +81-587-32-6105 (Main) FAX +81-587-21-7331

Established December 28, 1964
Capital 19,200,000 Yen
Business Description Die-Casting Mold Manufacturing and Precision Ceramic Processing



April 1959 Harada Foundry (Representative: Shigeru Harada) started business
December 1964 Established Toshihara Die Cast Industry Co.,Ltd.
Capital: 4,000,000 Yen
Authorized Capital: 16,000,000
President: Shigeru Harada
October 1968 Built a new die casting mold headquarters and factory
February 1969 Built a new office and dormitory
November 1978 Tamotsu Harada became C.E.O.
September 1981 Expanded the company cafeteria
January 1985 Akira Ito became C.E.O.
December 1990 Capital was raised to 6,000,000 Yen
April 1992 Capital raised to 16,000,000 Yen
May 1993 Made a CAM room
June 1999 Accepted convertible bonds from the Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Corporation
May 2000 Made a CAD room
August 2003 Merged with Toshihara Industry Co.,Ltd.;
Raised capital to 19,200,000 Yen
June 2006 Acquired land in Kugata-Cho, Inazawa City,
built a new headquarters,
and changed name of the company to Toshihara Technos
March 2007


June 2008 Buit the 3D coordinate measuring room,graphite processing room and campany cafeteria.
Expanded a die casting mold factory.
March 2010

JIS Q9100

JIS Q9100認証

JIS Q9100認証